Open source program to stay healthy

Categories: Utilities

Looking to loose some weight? Open source multi-platform program CRON-O-Meter helps you keep track of your diet.

It looks like a pretty neat program. You tell it what you’re eating and it’ll give you a nice report of the vitamins, minerals, proteins you’re taking in each day. The program will even give you suggestions on what you should eat, so you’ll never be in doubt again on  whether you should eat a salad or a burger for lunch.

Cron-O-Meter uses USDA datasources to keep track of the nutritional facts of over 7000 food items.

You can install the program on Linux, Windows, and MacOS X. For the Ubuntu I use there isn’t an easy way to install, the app runs on Java and the guide I found that could help through the installation was written by Carlos here.

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