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I’ve recently had to tweak two Windows computers because they were acting too sluggish. When I checked the processes running, I found several MS Live apps running and also when searching on the list of programs installed, there were several more MS programs installed. Microsoft really tries to push their products. Which is why I really don’t like to use their tools, even freewares.

aMSN is a MSN instant messaging client (aka Live Messenger) that you can install and run without noticing a difference from the proprietary original software. It works on Linux, Windows, and MacOS X. Although I use Pidgin for IM, I have aMSN installed in case I need to use a webcam or audio with someone on MSN.

You can see through the visuals that the program is really quite simple to use. Take a look first at the log on window:

Once you’re logged in, the main contact window is quite clean and straight to the point.

Finally, through its chat window you can see all the main and important functions are present such as webcam, audio, file sharing, and more.

aMSN also rocks from its plugins architecture allowing you to go beyond the standard functionalities such as: an inline translator, spell check, games, auto-replace, and lots more.

Best of all, no annoying Microsoft intrusion to download more applications.

Like I mentioned previously, Pidgin meets my needs 99% of the time. What about you? Do you use voice and/or video with your IM clients often?

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