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Songbird is my new favorite music management software. Why? Because with it I can organize songs on my desktop and explore music throughout the web.

Using the Mozilla platform, Songbird allows me to browse the web searching for songs while keeping track of my music collection on my computer. I can easily find music tracks available on a site to play them, download them, or dig deeper through different web pages to find more stuff on the bands and artists I like.


It is still considered a young project, as of today it is on its version 0.4. On my machine it is a pretty stable program but with a few missing features such as ripping and burning a CD, syncing with external devices (like the iPod), and integrating well with

To compensate these shortcomings, you can add more power to Songbird by selecting from a long list of add-ons to install. You may also change its looks by installing different skins (which Songbird calls feathers).

Right now it is my default Windows music management software. If you want, you can install it on your MacOS X or also on your Linux machine.

If you’ve also been using this software, I’d be curious to know about your experiences. Do you think it is already stable enough to be your main music management software?

Meanwhile, here is a short video to show you some of the cools things you can do with Songbird:

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