Windows anti-spyware

Categories: Security

Winpooch is a very good open source security tool for your Windows. Similar to the freeware WinPatrol, it monitors the programs on your computer to catch any suspicious behavior.

Associated with ClamWin, your computer will have a complete open source protection system against virus, spywares, and trojans. ClamWin alone currently doesn’t have real time scanning function but with Winpooch it will. It is also important to note that Winpooch will not remove spywares but work to prevent them from acting on your Windows machine.

I’ve used it for quite sometime and it worked well, until I decided to use the best protection system: Linux.

You can download it from SourceForge. The project was last updated in April of last year, I hope they’re planning to continue development on it since it is a really nice tool for Windows users to have.

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