Celebrate Document Freedom Day!

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Today, is Document Freedom Day! A day to raise awareness for open document standards.

I’ve been dealing with computers for over 15 years now and have gone through several, several different programs and different upgrade versions. It has been a constant hassle throughout the years having to purchase the latest version of program XYZ to be able to open files created by other people that have upgraded their software. Or, not being able to work well with people working on different OS and using different softwares for the same type of document. Take now the MS Office 2007…

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were file formats that you could open anywhere? I don’t mean in your office or house, I mean on your cell phone, on your Linux computer, MacOS X, Windows, etc. That is the goal of open standards format. The file would always be accessible, years from now and in different operating systems or programs.

This is the beauty of Open Standards and Open Document Format (ODF). There are also open source multimedia formats such as Theora (video) and Vorbis (audio).

Apologies for reporting this a bit late on the day, but there is still plenty of time to raise awareness for Open Standards. Spread the word and use it!

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