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New Android 1.5 (Cupcake)

Categories: Mobile
The last time there was an Android upgrade, I had to wait over 1 month to get mine. Fortunately this time it appears Europe had Android 1.5launch datebefore users in the U.S. This is a much expected release because of the extensive list of new features. Without further delay, here is the tour of what is new in Android Cupcake. First, here is my home screen where you can add shortcuts, widgets and live folders:

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Screencasting on Linux – recordMyDesktop

Categories: Audio and Video Imaging Utilities
Doing a basic screencast in Linux is pretty easy. The package recordMyDesktopcan be found easily on the repository of many Linux distros (including Ubuntu 9.04 that I use). With this package you’re actually getting the backend recordMyDesktop which is written in C and the frontend developed in Python (gtk-recordMyDesktop or qt-recordMyDesktop). The feature list is simple but that is all I needed for a quick screencast demo I had to prepare this afternoon:

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Using Twitter with Pidgin

Categories: Messaging Tips
The eco-system around Pidginis fantastic, below is yet another cool plug-in tip for it. Pidgin-Twitter plug-in works with Linux and Windows for you to get back into posting to and receiving notes from Twitter (also works well with Identi.catoo!). Steps to get it working: download and install the plug-in the plug-in; go to Pidgin menu under Tools > Plug-ins you’ll find Pidgin-Twitter to activate and configure; place your username / password and define a couple of other options (such as show users’ avatars) Add a buddy to your GTalk account called [email protected]

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Abiword – multi platform word processor

Categories: CD and DVD Office
After a recent exchange of ideas about Abiwordon, I decided to take a closer look at it again. Although OpenOffice is currently my office suite of choice, it is a bit bloated and slow. So, what does Abiword have to offer? It is blazing fast; works in Windows and Linux; has all the main text editing and formatting functions one needs; saves and imports documents in multiple formats (Abiword’s own formats, .

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Ubuntu 9.04 released!

Categories: OS
The newest version of our beloved Linux distro Ubuntu was released on April 21st. Code named Jaunty Jackalope, Ubuntu 9.04desktop edition brings some nice features: finally OpenOffice 3.0.1 installed; Gnome 2.26 with some improvements for multiple monitors setups, Empathy (multi-protocol instant messenger), Evolution (email client now with MS Exchange support), Volume manager (now integrated with PulseAudio); X.Org server 1.6 to improve support for some 3D video cards; new notification alert systemspecially designed for Ubuntu; Linux kernel 2.

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Open source at work

Categories: Office Tips
Migrating from a proprietary licensed mindset into open source can be perceived as a pretty challenging task. It is incredibly common for me to see that branding power often blinds people in a way that the functionalities of a software are disregarded in favor of the comforting sound of a brand name. What does all that marketing blah blah means? At my work, all new computers have open source software on it.

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Piwiki – website analytics

Categories: Web services
I’ve just read in HowToForgea nice article about Piwik, an open source web analytics tool. You can download Piwik and install it on your own server to gather analytics data that could replace your usage of Google Analytics. In my personal opinion, it is always nice to have two services running to make sure you’re getting the right analytics data or still have data in case something happens and one service breaks.

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Task manager [Android]

Categories: Imaging Mobile Utilities Web services
I’m an follower of GTD. Probably not the best one, but at least I try to keep myself as organized as I can in the stream of neverending to-dos. Which is why one of the first applications I searched for to install on my Android device was a good task manager to sync with RememberTheMilk. I was quite happy to find the open source app Astrid. The program does exactly what I need:

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Free movie tip – D.O.A.

Categories: Tips
Found in the Internet Archive, D.O.A. of 1950 is a classic film noir movie. Although I’m not a fan of old movies, this drama mystery was pretty worth it. The basic story is of a person who tries to investigate who murdered him. The story is pretty rich with very good moments of suspense and a nice character build-up. The victim who has received a deadly poison goes out to search for his own killer.

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Categories: Web services’s decisionto start charging for web streaming of their radio service outside the US, UK and Germany made reasonable financial sense for them didn’t make me too happy. As a consequence of the news (it seems), a new open source project was started called Right now the project is in closed alpha and will allow you to collect the information of songs you’re listening to, similar to audioscrobbler. If you get an invite, all you have to do is install turtleto start sending the information of your listening habits.

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