Task manager [Android]

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I’m an follower of GTD. Probably not the best one, but at least I try to keep myself as organized as I can in the stream of neverending to-dos.

Which is why one of the first applications I searched for to install on my Android device was a good task manager to sync with RememberTheMilk. I was quite happy to find the open source app Astrid. The program does exactly what I need:

  • prioritize tasks;
  • add tags and visualize tasks well based on these tags;
  • it has a timer function so I can keep track (if needed) of how much time I spend on a task;
  • good reminder notification;
  • and more.

Syncing with RememberTheMilk is a breeze, the only problem is that all tasks go to my inbox and not the lists I have already defined. But, overall Astrid meets all of my demands 🙂