Prevent RSI with Workrave

Categories: Office Utilities

Workrave is a Windows and Linux only program that can help prevent dreaded repetitive strain injuries. Unfortunately techies are quite familiar with RSI.

Once installed, Workrave runs silently in the background monitoring how much time you’re using the computer. In pre-set times of activity, the program gives you alerts on when breaks are needed. You’ll see three types of alarms:

  • Micro-Pause of 30 seconds;
  • Rest break of 20 minutes;
  • Daily limit (to turn off the computer).

In its standard settings, after 30 minutes of continuous activity you will see a notification that you need a Micro-Pause, a break of 30 seconds. When the warning is activated you can ignore it, delay it but it is recommended that you obey it. You will be able to see the 30 seconds countdown and in the meantime you can stand up, move a little or just stop typing to give your fingers some rest.

You can also extract reports of your activities to measure how much work you’re doing per day. A neat feature that always scares me with the proof that I’m really a workaholic.

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