Make changes to GRUB the easy way with Super Grub

Categories: OS Utilities

For users who have already made the switch to Linux, first congratulations!!

Most likely you’re now familiar with something called GRUB, the bootloader that will manage your access to the different OSs you have installed. GRUB comes in when you have a dual-boot (or more) installation on your machine.

If you’re sticking with a simple dual-boot Linux install most likely you’ll not have to change anything after you’ve made the OS installation. GRUB should work well. But… in case you start messing around too much with removing or adding other Linux distros or even want to completely remove Linux, things start getting a little complicated.

I had this problem at the beginning of the year. After trying without success to install Linux on my sister’s laptop I gave up, but I was still stuck with GRUB. The safest and easiest way for me to remove GRUB was using Super Grub.

You can run Super Grub from a live CD, floppy disk, or a USB drive. Using it is extremely easy, the developers really made some nice work with their step-by-step information. With it one can easily remove Windows, Linux, from GRUB or add any of these OSs to it.

A highly reccommended live CD for those computer emergencies.

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