Using rsync with no command like [linux]

Categories: Utilities Web services

For those (like me) who are interested on using rsync but are command line inexperienced, finding a GUI is a lifesaver.

Grsync can make sure you use rsync without the terminal. The developers list several features such as:

  • you can easily run the most common rsync tasks, more complex tasks can still be done but with command line tweaking;
  • Saves multiple settings with customized names;
  • performs simulations or normal executions;
  • print rsync output to a log or a separate file;
  • operation pause.

For those who have no clue about what is rsync, it is a tool used very often for backups and incremental file transfers. In other words, if you’re doing a backup with rsync, you will not have to copy every single file over and over again in different backups, only the files that have changed.