Listen to ogg on your Symbian device

Categories: Audio and Video Mobile

As an open source fan, I make my audio CDs portable in .ogg (.oga) format. Problem is that unfortunately .ogg isn’t as popular as it should be right now so sometimes it can be difficult to find a decent player, which is exactly what happened with my new Symbian cell phone.

Symbian OggPlay to the rescue, I was able to solve the issue. OggPlay can play.ogg, .oga, .flac (haven’t tested it myself yet), and .mp3. It also recognizes the default audio formats you have on your mobile so you can still play .wma (for example) with the same program.

I did have a couple of glitches with it, such as: no recognition of the phone’s media keys and when ending a phone call, the music never restarted.

Overall, thumbs up for OggPlay and it is now being used more then my phone’s default music player. Shame on Symbian for not having supported .ogg and .flac by default.