on Symbian phones

Categories: Audio and Video Mobile

I’m a big enthusiast (although it isn’t open source) so I try to install a scrobbler on every single media player I use. It took a bit of time for me to find a Symbian client and mobbler it was.

Mobbler works like a charm! It recognizes and scrobbles songs being played by the phone’s native media player, plus I get all of the cool features such as:

  • “love this track”;
  • “ban track”;
  • direct link to Amazon’s music store (if your region has one);
  • set to play radio stations (neighbor, recommended, artist or tag defined).

If you’re on a limited data plan, Mobbler can be set to scrobble offline and queue the data to be sent until you’re on wi-fi.

For some reason I can’t listen to the radio when I’m on my 3G connection, must be some nasty restriction of my mobile carrier (I’ll make sure to complain to them).