I love Linux! A true plug-and-play OS.

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This post is a short note to express my appreciation to the entire community behind the Linux kernel (and Ubuntu).

I moved recently and have been working for 2 months on a laptop, waiting to get internet installed at home so I could turn on my desktop once again. Today I bought a Sitecom Wifi USB adapter, tried it on my desktop (still) running Ubuntu 8.04 and it didn’t work.

I went to the store again, switched to a Linksys Wifi USB adapter, opened the box and the first thing I found was a note “run the installation CD first!!!”. Of course, I’m a Linux user so a ignored the warning, plugged the device in the USB, started my desktop and… everything worked!!

Thanks Canonical, the entire Linux community, and Linksys for making my life less complicated so I don’t have to install anything. The true plug-and-play concept! 🙂