Organizing Tasks in Linux

Categories: Office

While trying to make my productivity life easier on my machine, I started searching for a program that would allow me to have a 2-way sync between my desktop and RememberTheMilk. As I’ve mentioned before, Evolution does only 1-way sync to my favorite task management web application.

So, searching away in the vast world of the internet I found Tasque. Built for Novell’s Hackweek v2, Tasque plays nicely with Gnome and RememberTheMilk to display tasks.

The UI is quite simple and straightforward. You can create new tasks or edit existing tasks, all syncing pretty much real time with your RememberTheMilk account. More features include setting deadlines and priorities.

It still isn’t exactly what I was looking for. Personally I’d rather have Evolution with 2-way sync, but while that doesn’t happen, I’ll keep on trying Tasque a little bit more. The program deserves the attention.