Creating business cards the easy way (Linux)

Categories: Utilities

Last year I needed some new business cards. Although I’m pretty computer savvy I could never get the right size of business cards while doing them at home, they always end up too big or even in different sizes. 😀 So, I just went to a store to get them done.

But, for Linux (Gnome specifically speaking) there is a program that’ll help in a great way getting my next cards ready. gLabels makes the job easier to create labels and business cards by having just the right size ready. So, you create design for one card and it’ll print out a nice sheet full of your business cards (or labels).

So, you’ll worry about the design while it helps with the visual formatting.

There is probably a very easy way to do this also in OpenOffice or maybe even in Gimp. But, so far I haven’t found anything. Ideas?