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Pligg is for Digg as GetBoo is for

I was happily surprised to have found this open source project. Besides from being a website that can organize my bookmarks, GetBoo also releases the entire platform for download under GPL license. So, not only can I use their services but I can also copy it freely!

The project was created in 2005 and the website already has 14000 registered members sharing their bookmarks. has quite a good number of features to make organizing bookmarks easy. After you’ve gone through their free registration, you choose to import your bookmarks stored in your browser. There are detailed tutorials for IE, FF, Safari, Opera, and Netscape.

Afterwards, you can install a Firefox extension so you can submit sites to GetBoo with a click of a button. One button is to make the submission and the other is to go directly to your GetBoo page.

Now, bookmark away! The submission page is pretty similar to other existing websites with title, description, tags, and the option to organize it all inside specific folders you choose.

The frontpage for GetBoo will display all publicly stored bookmarks. But, it looks like submissions from newbies will not be displayed there. You need to have an account older then 60 days to share public links.

There are also other options you can mange from your account’s page. Including import from, exporting, and stats.

The platform itself seems to be very easy to install. Find our more and download link are GetBoo’s SourceForge page. It seems the only difference from this package and the released version for download is Firefox’s extension which isn’t available forgeneral release (yet).

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