Keep your passwords and login information safe with KeePass

Categories: Utilities

Nowadays it is rare for me to go one week without discovering a new site and having to create a test account. I still remember the late 90s when I had to remember at most just a couple of different email passwords and usernames. Now I have a myriad of information I need to memorize (like it’ll actually all fit in my brain).

Keepass is my solution for this information overload. With it I can store the user name, password, URL of the website and a bit more. You can actually guide it to generate strong random passwords for you.

All of the information is well encrypted and the database is password protected. Just don’t forget the password you use to open the program.

The program is also highly portable and works with several platforms such as: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Pocket PC, Symbian, BlackBerry, and PalmOS. Visit its download page and just pick the platform applicable for you. For me, I have the DB file copied on Linux, Windows, and my pen drive so in case there is an error somewhere even inside the system I wouldn’t loose everything.

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