Download YouTube videos (Linux)

Want to know how to download a YouTube video? Just go and watch the video! It’ll automatically be downloaded for you. Let me explain further…

While you watch the video on the web it is being downloaded for you to your /tmp directory. Try it out:

  1. go watch any YouTube video
  2. go to /tmp
  3. you’ll find a mysterious file name there without any extension reference. Double click and you should see that is is your video. If you’d like change the file name to something you’ll remember better and move it to whichever folder you want.

The  file downloaded will be .flv so if you want another format later on, please use a converter app.

23 thoughts on “Download YouTube videos (Linux)

  1. This is an excellent tip, and it’s by far the fastest way to download a video from youtube under linux. I personally use to convert videos to mp3 and I also have a firefox addon for downloading youtube videos.

  2. I also use the vidtomp3 recorder and it works on every operating system.I also thought that it is somewhere a catch when it comes to stuff like this but there wasn’t.Thanks for posting this advice and i hope that it will help those lost lambs on the internet.

  3. I wonder if there is an .avi downloader because i need the videos in this format.I know i could try to convert the videos but i think that i’ll spend too much time on doing this and i don’t want that.I’ll try to use the recorder that i have in my operating system.

  4. I used some softwares to download youtube videos but it slowdown my computer. I found that the antivirus programm is the problem. I changed it with McAfee antivirus and now works great.

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