Gnash supports YouTube [linux]

Gnash, the freedom alternative to Adobe Flash Player now supports displaying YouTube movies!

The to-do list for Gnash is still pretty large until we’re all freely able to browse the web without the Adobe plug-in. But, at least this is some major good news I found out today.

Now let’s hope html5 gives us more goodies and web developer adopters to make Adboe Flash Player even less needed.

Update: I was hoping I could use Gnash completely now but unfortunately a lot of websites are still not functioning well with it (such as Google Analytics) so I had to remove it.

6 thoughts on “Gnash supports YouTube [linux]

  1. I am very happy that Gnash is around, as this is my only decent options for PowerPC Mac…

    I have Debian Stable on my old iBook G3 (PPC)…

    Gnash does the job, while Adobe Flash doesn’t exist for that particular architecture…

    That said, on my i686 and x86_64 boxes, I must admit using Adobe Flash…

    But who knows ? Maybe one day Gnash will provide equal or better than proprietary, and then I’ll use it exclusively !

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