Automated Bugzilla email reports

Bugzilla has a very interesting feature called Whining. With it you can schedule reports to be automatically sent by email to you or anyone else in your team.

As an example, I have sent to me on the weekend a report of all items that were created or worked by our dev team in the past week.

Creating a whining report is pretty easy:

  • save a search criteria that interests you (eg. all open items, items closed in X days, etc);
  • fing at the bottom of the Bugzilla page a “whining” link;
  • create the subject and description of the email;
  • select the mailing interval;
  • recipients;
  • and saved report.

This way you’ll have a nice list on your mailbox with the bugzilla tasks that are most important to you.

6 thoughts on “Automated Bugzilla email reports

  1. It isn’t that way in the current version of bugzilla. It has it’s own page at administration -> whining.

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