eBook open standards

If you like to support open standards format, here is a (at least for me) new discovery:  .epub.

If you like open standards and ebooks, support the spreading of .epub. This file extension is a mixture of three open standards OPS ( Open Publication Structure ), OPF ( Open Packaging Format) and OCF (Open Container Format), produced by the IDPF.

From what I know Kindle – the hot ebook reader of the moment – does not support .epub format However, you can find some .epub ebooks in various websites, including Project Gutenberg. Viewing these files will be no problem with a software like FBReader.

2 thoughts on “eBook open standards

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  2. As the ePub file being generated from QuarkXPress 9 is a rflwolabee ebook format, which means the device and the consumer will likely have control over the font size so page flow will be different for each device and consumer. That said, inserting a new article in the reflow view in QuarkXPress 9.3 will cause a page break to happen. So if you absolutely need a page break, just cut from the current article at the point you want the break and paste the content you cut into a new? article

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