Creating business cards the easy way (Linux)

Last year I needed some new business cards. Although I’m pretty computer savvy I could never get the right size of business cards while doing them at home, they always end up too big or even in different sizes. :D So, I just went to a store to get them done.

But, for Linux (Gnome specifically speaking) there is a program that’ll help in a great way getting my next cards ready. gLabels makes the job easier to create labels and business cards by having just the right size ready. So, you create design for one card and it’ll print out a nice sheet full of your business cards (or labels).

So, you’ll worry about the design while it helps with the visual formatting.

There is probably a very easy way to do this also in OpenOffice or maybe even in Gimp. But, so far I haven’t found anything. Ideas?

9 thoughts on “Creating business cards the easy way (Linux)

  1. Linux always had a way to make things easier for you without asking too many questions, it’s also much safer and you don’t need internet security software if you’re running Linux.I made some great cd covers in openoffice and with business cards i didn’t tried but i’m sure that you can make them in the same program.Search some tutorials on the internet maybe you’ll find what you need.

  2. Thank you for providing this interesting and useful article.I am using Linux for some years and I am very satisfied of it.It is a great operating system and is safer than others.I’ve used the business cards application and I had great results.

  3. I am using Linux for some years and I’ve made a lot of business cards by using gLabels.It is a great programm that helps you to personalize business cards and to select the right size for it.

  4. I often use this program. If I want labels I can easily create my own format, if I need to make business cards or ID cards I can make them exactly like labels. I tried a while ago Microsoft Office’s label design, but I couldn’t design the labels like in gLables. Too bad it isn’t available for Windows too.

  5. I’ve been creating my own business cards for the past 8 years, because it was the perfect opportunity to put my passion for Photoshop to good uses. A couple of years ago I switched to Ubuntu, and it was like a breath of fresh air for a drowning person, switching from XP, but on the downside, no truly capable image editors were available, and GIMP wasn’t really enough for me. I’m glad that your method worked nice and easy, If it wasn’t for your article I would have installed Windows on a separate partition just to create some business cards. Thanks!

  6. I have to make some business cards for my father because he doesn’t want to pay a firm to do that and i think that this is the best way of doing it.I tried to make some in windows programs but it didn’t quite worked out and i think that i’ll take my linux laptop and start the job.

  7. It’s too bad it took me so long to get to this article. I needed to create some business cards for myself and it took me a lot of time. I think I spent two days or so trying to get the right size and design. The worst part is that despite all that effort I put into it, I didn’t even like how they turned out.

  8. I had problems creating my own business cards, back when I was using Windows. At one point, I gave up and I was making my cards at a photo-copy store. Now that you told me I could use Photoshop I want to try and maybe I can make them myself. Thanks.

  9. I actually was pretty good at designing business cards. I never had problems and I never needed to go to a photo-copy store to make them. I didn`t used Photoshop, I used Corel but I think it`s the same thing. And I use Windows.

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