Firefox 3, almost 24 hours away!

The folks at Mozilla will be giving us the full stable Firefox 3 in a bit more than 24 hours. A really really nice improvement from the 2.0 release which now seems pretty ancient for all of those already testing beta releases and release candidates.

Mozilla is even trying to set a new world record for most number of downloads of a single software in one day. Join in the campaign if you’d like as well.

Download Day - English

Most importantly, download Firefox 3 on June 17th. Your computer will thank you with less resources consumed, your patience will thank you for not having to go through a bunch of frequent browser crashes, and even web developers will thank you for the switch (actually, web developers thank you using anything besides IE).

One thought on “Firefox 3, almost 24 hours away!

  1. Yeah I have been using FF3 since Alpha 4 and I love it. Can’t really go back to FF2 and the other browsers are just out of the questions (and have been since FF 0.5). Thanks for a great product Mozilla.

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