Burn your video DVDs with open source

DVD Flick logoWant to burn a movie DVD with files from your computer? Do it ever so easily with DVD Flick. I’ve yet to find another program that is better and easier to use then DVD Flick.

You can even add subtitles (and edit its appearance), add different audio tracks, and adjust some other settings of your DVD project. The process really couldn’t be easier.

For a simple burn just select the file and click on “Create DVD”. Under 1 minute’s worth of effort and then you can just wait (a couple of hours) for the project to be completed all by itself. If you want to modify some settings – I always choose to burn directly to the DVD for example – you can easily do it.

Here is a video tutorial for you explaining step-by-step. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Burn your video DVDs with open source

  1. No offense but, why is the narrator’s voice soooo boorrring and slooooooow. please use a different voice over it is not very effective.

  2. I loved using Linux from the very first day because it has a way to make things easier for you without asking too many questions, it’s also much safer and you don’t need so many background programs like antivirus software if you’re running Linux. I burned hundreds of DVDs with open source Ubuntu software, my favorite is CD Burner, the default Gnome app for such things, it’s fast, reliable and intuitive.

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