Gwibber microblogging app now 2.0 [Linux]

Categories: Utilities
Which means: it is now easier to jump between different accounts (Gwibber supports, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StatusNet, Flickr and more). You can easily post to only one account. Easy “re-dent” / “re-tweet”. I’m sure there are more behind the scenes improvements but so far I haven’t seen any list. For now, the upgrade was worthwhile.

Using Twitter with Pidgin

Categories: Messaging Tips
The eco-system around Pidginis fantastic, below is yet another cool plug-in tip for it. Pidgin-Twitter plug-in works with Linux and Windows for you to get back into posting to and receiving notes from Twitter (also works well with Identi.catoo!). Steps to get it working: download and install the plug-in the plug-in; go to Pidgin menu under Tools > Plug-ins you’ll find Pidgin-Twitter to activate and configure; place your username / password and define a couple of other options (such as show users’ avatars) Add a buddy to your GTalk account called twitter@twitter.

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