Arora – completely FLOSS Webkit browser

Categories: Utilities
If you want to run a WebKit web browser with no strings attached (unlike Safari and Google Chrome), Arora is surely worth a try. First plus is that it runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS X. It is fast, has private browsing and looks like it has some plug-in support. Another good news is the announcement Kubuntu will carry Arora as its default browser in the 9.10 release.

Ebook reader and manager

Categories: Office Utilities
For those who like ebooks, Calibre is a great program that was created to manage pretty much any aspect of your reading files. The list of features is pretty extensive: convert files from and to epub, mobi, LRF and supports input of several other formats including PDF, html, odt, rtf amongst others; syncs to mobile reader devices (seems to work well with the iPhone/Stanza and the Kindle); convert a news feed to an ebook; scans your computer to check for all supported ebook formats so you can keep them organized, download cover art and meta data; runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS X.

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Import and edit PDF files in OpenOffice

Categories: Office
For quite a while now OpenOffice has been promising the ability to import and edit PDF files. Although not released with the program itself, you can grab the Sun PDF Import extension to do just that. This extension is in beta and is available multi-platform for Windows, Linux and MacOS X systems. Tests that I ran were pretty good. The text in the PDF file is imported well and in a way I could edit the text, font settings and images.

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Multiplatform desktop SVN

Categories: Programming Utilities
On Linux a nice small but highly effective tool I use to work with SVN is RapidSVN. The program is pretty small but highly effective for commit, checkout, merge, and log info. RapidSVN works on Windows, Linux and MacOS X. From their site, the list of features include: Simple -easy to use for SVN features; Efficient – simple for beginners but flexible enough for those experienced with Subversion; Portable – runs on several platforms on which wxWidgets can run (Linux, Windows, Mac OS/X, Solaris, etc).

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No more Windows XP, will you go with Vista?

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Microsoft being smart again saw that Vista wasn’t being very accepted, decided to force people to have no other option. After July 1st, computers can no longer be sold with Windows XP (there are exceptions to the rules such as computer with low specs). If you bought a computer today would you get it with Windows Vista like Bill wants you to? By the way, Microsoft is planning to release a new OS next year.

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