Immediate song preview in Gnome [Linux]

Categories: Audio and Video CD and DVD Tips
If you’re using Linux with Gnome, do a mouseover the music file and you’ll start hearing the song immediately. You don’t even need to double-click to open the file in a media player, not even a mouse click is needed. Nice little hidden secrets of an awesome desktop file manager.

Quick launcher for Gnome (Linux)

Categories: Utilities
Gnome Do is very similar to the Windows-only app Launchy, but much more powerful. If you’re using Gnome on your Linux distro it may worth trying out Gnome Do to help speed up your productivity. Although not a new application, I was hesitant to use Gnome Do just to avoid having another service running in the background sucking my computer’s resources. But, after trying it out the 40MB of RAM it uses on my machine is surely worth it.

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