Google Chrome was released, why didn’t I care that much?

The super power Google last week released Chrome, its entry to the segment of web browsers.  But, as you might have noticed we didn’t write a thing about it. Why?

  1. I was super busy with other projects;
  2. Chrome wasn’t released for Linux (my main OS);
  3. When I tested on my Windows install, it was fast but not thaaaat fast (at least for me);
  4. It actually completely froze on me a couple of times when testing;
  5. No extensions (yet). C’mon! Even Songbird has had extensions since the very early days;
  6. Google didn’t release it for Linux (yes, I´m writing it again). How rude was that??
  7. A web browser made by Google… even though it is open source I’m still a bit suspicious to know what they’ll be watching for on my data. I think it is enough I give them my email, online docs, news feeds, … I want at least a part of my web life not related to Google.

I’ve heard a great number of people liked it. But, for me it is just not there yet.

What about you, switched browsers yet?