Free movie tip – D.O.A.

D.O.A. (1950) movie

D.O.A. (1950) movie

Found in the Internet Archive, D.O.A. of 1950 is a classic film noir movie.

Although I’m not a fan of old movies, this drama mystery was pretty worth it. The basic story is of a person who tries to investigate who murdered him. The story is pretty rich with very good moments of suspense and a nice character build-up. The victim who has received a deadly poison goes out to search for his own killer. During this process there are shootings, lots of detective-style work, romantic scenes and brave escapes.

This movie is now released under public domain for download (you can get it in the open source friendly .ogv format).

Your internet TV with Miro

Miro comes to organize all the video content on the web in a very nice way for us. First, right out of the box there is a very nice way for you to find and watch videos from YouTube,, DailyMotion, and others. Just use the search bar at the bottom of the program to find what you want. Easy to search and then once you find something good, watch it and download it if you want.

Miro searching

On the main window of the program you can see the Miro Guide with Featured Channels and popular videos. Yes, you heard (saw) it right, channels – which is basically an RSS feed of video files. You can find thousands of channels listed through this program, including TekZilla, NBC Nightly News, TED Talks, National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, and many more.

Miro Guide

Download the video you want straight to your HD and watch it whenever you want. Miro already comes with a movie player (VLC for Windows, Quiktime 7 for Macs, GStreamer or Xine for Linux). By the way, it works on all of these platforms very well. After watching the video file you can delete the file or keep it. So, basically free video downloads!! All legal. 🙂

Miro playing

If you want you can even use it as a bitTorrent client but honestly there are other better programs for that.

I’m hooked on Miro now! Thanks to the folks of The Participatory Culture Foundation!

Burn your video DVDs with open source

DVD Flick logoWant to burn a movie DVD with files from your computer? Do it ever so easily with DVD Flick. I’ve yet to find another program that is better and easier to use then DVD Flick.

You can even add subtitles (and edit its appearance), add different audio tracks, and adjust some other settings of your DVD project. The process really couldn’t be easier.

For a simple burn just select the file and click on “Create DVD”. Under 1 minute’s worth of effort and then you can just wait (a couple of hours) for the project to be completed all by itself. If you want to modify some settings – I always choose to burn directly to the DVD for example – you can easily do it.

Here is a video tutorial for you explaining step-by-step. Enjoy!