Google Chrome was released, why didn’t I care that much?

The super power Google last week released Chrome, its entry to the segment of web browsers.  But, as you might have noticed we didn’t write a thing about it. Why?

  1. I was super busy with other projects;
  2. Chrome wasn’t released for Linux (my main OS);
  3. When I tested on my Windows install, it was fast but not thaaaat fast (at least for me);
  4. It actually completely froze on me a couple of times when testing;
  5. No extensions (yet). C’mon! Even Songbird has had extensions since the very early days;
  6. Google didn’t release it for Linux (yes, I´m writing it again). How rude was that??
  7. A web browser made by Google… even though it is open source I’m still a bit suspicious to know what they’ll be watching for on my data. I think it is enough I give them my email, online docs, news feeds, … I want at least a part of my web life not related to Google.

I’ve heard a great number of people liked it. But, for me it is just not there yet.

What about you, switched browsers yet?

Use web applications offline with Gears

The Firefox add-on Gears, formerly known as Google Gears, allows you to use web applications as if they were installed on your computer. Consider it as a fancier offline browsing.

So, basically the data instead of being completely stored on the web is actually stored in your computer. You’ll have access whenever you want. The number of websites compatible with Gears isn’t that huge at the moment but there are some very good ones already adopting it such as RememberTheMilk, Google Docs, Zoho, Google Reader, and most recently MySpace.

Gears has been extra handy on my laptop, in places with no wi-fi I can still browse through the day’s headline news and continue to work on some documents with Google Docs. I just wish for the day to come when GMail comes out with Gears support.

Dear readers, any other websites you would like to use Gears with?