Top podcasts & vidcasts

Sharing with you my list of Linux and Open Source podcasts and vidcasts I subscribe to:

  • FLOSS Weekly (podcast) – part of the world, excellent interviews with leaders of different FLOSS projects;
  • Linux Outlaws (podcast) – this show is quite informal but has very nice comments on what’s new on the Linux and FLOSS world;
  • Stack Overflow (podcast) – more geared towards programming and software development;
  • The Linux Journal (vidcast) – short but very nice Linux tips;
  • Category 5 (vidcast) – a lot of good information for those starting in the world of Linux with live Q&A session;
  • The Source (vidcast) – just started following it and so far I’ve seen some very nice interviews with important community members of the open source world.

Any suggestions from our readers?

FLOSS Manuals

If you’re interested in Free Libre Open Source Software and would like some valuable reading material to become an expert, FLOSS Manuals is a great site.

You can find books about Blender, Inkscape, Firefox, OpenOffice, Audacity, WordPress, Linux Command Line, to name a few. Find the manual you want, read it on their site, download, or order a printed copy. Only the printed copy is not free.

Also cool is the ability to remix your book to get only certain chapters that you find interesting.

Go there, get some nice reading material and even help out by being a writer or a proofreader.