Arora – completely FLOSS Webkit browser

If you want to run a WebKit web browser with no strings attached (unlike Safari and Google Chrome), Arora is surely worth a try.


First plus is that it runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS X. It is fast, has private browsing and looks like it has some plug-in support. Another good news is the announcement Kubuntu will carry Arora as its default browser in the 9.10 release.

4 thoughts on “Arora – completely FLOSS Webkit browser

  1. I like it. It’s very fast and light.
    Unfortunately it crashes a lot on some of my machines. Seems to have some video issues too, but still functions. I would really like per-page permissions.

  2. There is another advantage — Arora uses Qt, so it may look native to any of these systems, Qt supports even GTK+ themes.

    I still use Firefox only due to some addons and better SSL support.

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