Piwiki – website analytics

I’ve just read in HowToForge a nice article about Piwik, an open source web analytics tool.

You can download Piwik and install it on your own server to gather analytics data that could replace your usage of Google Analytics. In my personal opinion, it is always nice to have two services running to make sure you’re getting the right analytics data or still have data in case something happens and one service breaks.

What seems pretty neat about Piwik is the fact that it works with plug-ins so you can add and remove functionalities that are suitable for you. The service runs on php and MySQL so it should be an easy install process, the site says less than 5 minutes. 😉

They’re on version 0.2 right now but give it a try, their online demo sems pretty awesome.

2 thoughts on “Piwiki – website analytics

  1. I trust Google Analitytics and all other services provided by Google, but i have to agree with you at this one, that is more than ok to check anything twice.

  2. Piwiki sounds really easy and fun to use and i was searching for such a long time for the demo.I have friends that use it and i finally made courage to try it too.I only hope that the server won’t break while i’m using it.

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