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I got a new phone and was terrified about the manual work that would be needed to sync all of my contact details. But then I thought, we’re in 2008 so there must be an open source way of doing this!!

Funambol MobileWe did the trick perfectly! Funambol allows syncing over the air emails, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with mobile devices. The site reports syncing capabilities with 1.5 billion mobile devices and thousands of online services. You can sync your information from GMail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Thunderbird, AOL, MS Outlook (if you’re still using it), and emails from POP and IMAP access.

If your contacts are scattered all over the place, like I had, with Plaxo, GMail and other cell phones, first centralize everything in one spot. I chose GMail’s Contacts since I can then sync it nicely to my Evolution.

Then, create an account at  MyFunambol, select your mobile device, go to your profile link, and configure your email and where to sync your information from. After all the configuration is set, you will receive a message on your mobile to download the needed sync app.

After everything is installed, with a click of a button on your phone, all of your contacts will be synced and you’ll even get push emails! Much better then Blackberry and Apple’s MobileMe. With MobileWe you will have a safe backup of contacts, receive push emails and sync contacts even with multiple devices.

End result for me? Contacts nicely synced and my phone displayed even the pictures of my contacts I had created in GMail.

*Note: also supported but not endorsed by this author are iPhones and Windows Mobile OS.

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  1. Gosh seems i’ve bum in to 2008 post. Thanks for the info though. I am trying out Xmas sync wonder if Funambol u suggest still works?

  2. The days when you had to manually sync your phones are long gone. Now, there are hundred of open source applications over the internet that can do this for you. They are fully customizable and intuitive. You’ll get the hang of it in a matter of minutes.

  3. There was a time when it took forever to manually move hundreds of contacts from one phone to another but now, thanks to some ingenious applications and smarter phones, this can be done in a minute. These applications are usually free and you can easily find them online. They will save you time and also create a backup of your address book.

  4. Besides allowing an easier data transfer, Funambol is also helping you to organize data.It is very useful especially for bussinessmen as they can organize personal and work information in separate folders.

  5. I have the same problem but I can`t register on MyFunanbol. What should I do? It sais that I will recieve a confirmation mail but I`m not receiving anything. Should I wait more?

  6. I think it was the threat of a Gmail revolution that prompted Yahoo to increase the storage space parceled to its free email accounts last year. (Yahoo’s paid email at the time, of course, gave storage to spare. It’s an example of how the whiff of corporate competition can benefit end users or consumers.) Who remembers rummaging through our Yahoo email accounts deleting emails only weeks, if not days, old? I think Yahoo copied their color coded warning system of diminishing storage space from the easy-to-comprehend terror levels issued by the federal government. Gmail’s arrival, though, changed this – we were ready for something better. Its search-based organization, something we like to see at, figured to be a natural step for email world to take….

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