Mozilla’s Ubiquity

I’ve just started using Mozilla’s Ubiquity. What is Ubiquity? Part of Mozilla Labs, this is a Firefox add-on to expand the power of your browser. It acts much like Gnome Do or Launchy, but inside the browser.

Say you are browsing a web page and want to send a piece of text you found to a friend, highlight the text part you want with a simple click-and-drag, call Ubiquity (normally by hitting Alt+Space) and then write the command “email”. Or, say you’ve found and address and you want to see it on a map, call Ubiquity to give you a nice Google Maps mashup view. It even translates a piece of text on the page you’re looking at!

You can watch the demo video here.

Still in its early stages at version 0.1.1., Ubiquity already has a very nice list of commands to interact with Google Calendar, Amazon, Ask, Wikipedia, Digg, Email (GMail), Flickr, Google search, imdb, Google Maps, tinyurl, Twitter, yelp, YouTube, and loads more.

Since more and more the web browser is becoming the new desktop, this project makes a lot of sense and is surely a wonderful feature.

It has been out for a while now, I’m amazed I didn’t try it before.