Ubuntu 8.04 update without any issues

Over the weekend I updated my Ubuntu machine from 7.10 to the brand new 8.04 release. I waited a few days after the official release to see if I heard any reports of upgrade problems.

I searched and searched and really didn’t find that many written reports of people that had updated their machines, most prefered to install from scratch. So, I took the risk and pressed the update distribution release button.

Ubuntu Hardy Heron update

It took about 3 hours for my computer with a 600kpbs connection to download all of the data needed. After 30 more minutes and a couple of error messages, the machine was updated. I rebooted to see whether everything was working and I was happy to say that it was.

Maybe the error messages it gave me were false alarms… So far, my machine is running very well and stable. I removed Transmission since I’m using Deluge BitTorrent client. One smallĀ  thing I didn’t like was the switch to Firefox beta. Now, many of the plug-ins I use are not functional. I wish I had the option to stick with my old Firefox, specially since this one isn’t on final release yet.

Here is what my desktop looks like now (the wallpaper and icon theme I had set previously):

ubuntu hardy heron desktop

What about you dear readers, share with us your experiences upgrading or installing Ubuntu 8.04.

3 thoughts on “Ubuntu 8.04 update without any issues

  1. To run Firefox 2 alongside Firefox 3 (beta 5), just do
    sudo apt-get install firefox-2

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  3. Actually Firefox 2 comes on Ubuntu 8.04. It is under Applications > Internet, there you will see Firefox 2 Web Browser.

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